Thursday, January 19, 2006

Yay for Kay!

Thanks to Kay and her tip my old, recipe-filled blog is working after I changed to a new template. So for now this is just a back-up blog but do you think I should continue posting on my old blog? I just feel a little bad since so many of you have changed your links at my request. Please leave your comments here for now and I will decide which to keep as my main blog. Thanks for all your support!


texmex said...

Anyway keep a backup of your blog content for yourself. I use httrack regularly to keep my content. I use my blog as a cookbook so I would be p----d if it all got lost

Kay said...

Yayyyyy! Glad to be of help, Mika!

Yep, go back to your orignal blog, There are to much of great stuff in that blog to just give it up!
We'll change our links again, No biggie!

Indira said...

Thank you Kay!

I agree with kay, go back to old one, you have so many recipes there and so many links from foodie events etc., Again your choice.

I just put the post in my blog in draft category, I'll wait for your decision. I'll publish it again, only if you stick to this new address. I hope that's ok.

Mika said...

Hi texmex-I have to do periodic backups from now on. The tension is way too much.

Thanks Kay and Indira- I guess I will keep my old blog.

Shilpa said...

Your blog is cool :).
thanks for adding me to your blogroll. i have added u to my blogroll too.
Keep visiting

Foodie's Hope said...

Will do!:)) Don't have to give up the old blog indeed!!Always have a back up!! Good luck!!

Asha said...

Happy Diwali Mika, will update your blog!:))

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